Saturday, June 20, 2015


Lago di Como in northern Italy is shaped like an upside-down letter "y".  On the promontory that separates the two branches of the lake is town of Bellagio, which we visited after arriving by boat from Tremezzo, on the west side of the lake.  Here's part of the north end of Bellagio, seen while we were still on the boat.

Also on the northern end of Bellagio is this house, named "Fanny".

We ate lunch at a local restaurant, whose balcony gave us this view looking west.

Near the restaurant, a street is a stairway.

Here's downtown Bellagio's largest church, surrounded by cars.

This was our boat.

After some free time, we got back on board and proceeded southward toward the lake's namesake city of Como.  As we pulled away, I got a last look at Bellagio.

For more information on Bellagio, go here, here and here.

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