Friday, June 26, 2015

A Little Bit Of Stresa

After returning to Stresa from the Lago D'Orta area, I decided to take a walk and get a few pictures of the town where we had been staying.   Near the shore of Lago Maggiore is this memorial to Italian soldiers who died fighting in the Alps in World War I.  (Italy seems to have numerous memorials to their troops who fought in World War I, and understandably not many for those in World War II.)

In a park on the lake are this sculpture and two others in the same style.

One thing I've noticed about Italy is that the distinction between indoors and outdoors isn't very strong.  Here's the furniture in front of the place where I stayed.

Four boats travel down Lago Maggiore.

And finally, one last look.  This concludes my Swiss-Italian travelogue.

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