Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lago D'Orta, Part 1

During our last full day in Italy, we visited some places on Lago D'Orta, which like Lago Maggiore is long and narrow, but overall much smaller, only about 6 miles from north to south.  The north end of Lago D'Orta is about 5 miles west of Stresa as the crow flies, but the driving distance was more like 7 or 8 miles.  Our first stop was a small town named Pettanasco, on the east side of the lake and about midway between its two ends.  We got off the bus near this church, which had a separate bell tower.  The two structures don't really lean toward each other.  That's just the camera angle.

We walked down the street past the church to a dock on the lake, to catch a boat.  Near the dock was this driveway, which ran along the lake shore.

Here's the view across the lake.

Eventually the boat came along, and we got on.  The people on the bow were a different group.  The boat had the same name as our main tour guide, so we jokingly thanked her for letting everyone use her personal yacht.

We soon arrived at Isola San Giulio.  The dock is at the south end of the island.

We visited the church near the dock and then went back outside.  This wall is part of the church.

After walking down a narrow street, we could see the top of the church's bell tower, behind a tree.

This red brick structure is what's left of an old castle.

Continuing down the narrow walkway, we came upon this fresco of the Madonna and Child.

We also saw this patio, with its row of arches.

We leave Isola San Giulio and explore more of the lakeside mainland in Part 2.

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