Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Hike Around The St. Moritzer See

As I mentioned a few posts ago, St. Moritz, Switzerland sits next to its own lake, the St. Moritzer See.  The lake is surrounded by pedestrian trails, which according to our tour guide totaled about three miles, so off I went.  Like the Inn River that flows into and out of it, the lake extends roughly southwest to northeast.  Here's a view from the northeastern side of the lake, looking southwestward.

I took a slight detour from the lake near its outlet, to see the Inn continuing its journey to Austria.

Near the outlet was this railroad viaduct.

After I got back to the lake and continued around it, I saw a cable car going over part of the city.

Here's downtown St. Moritz and the area above it, with a few clouds around the higher elevations.

In this area east of downtown, clouds appear to separate the forested area from the rocky area further uphill.

As I got closer to the southwest end of the lake, I took this shot, centered on a church.

Next to the church is the Inn, upstream from the lake.

This bridge takes the trail over the Inn, just before it enters the lake.

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