Friday, June 19, 2015

From Switzerland To Italy

After we had spent a few days in and around St. Moritz, Switzerland, the time came to get on the bus and go to Italy.  Our course would take us westward from the Engadin valley over the Maloja (pronounced "mah-LOY-ah") Pass, through the Italian-speaking area of Val Bregaglia, and then across the border into Italy a few miles east of Chiavenna.  After entering Chiavenna, we turned southward toward Lago di Como.

Due to the high elevation of St. Moritz and the Engadin, we didn't didn't have to climb up very far to get over the Maloja Pass.  Going down the other side, however, was another story.  The switchbacks on the road and the drop in elevation made Arizona state route 89A north of Sedona look like child's play.  Here we can see a switchback just below us, and a few more farther down.

After we got down into the Val Bregaglia, I took a picture of this small village through the front window of the bus.

Somewhere along the way was this waterfall, behind a house.

After passing through Chiavenna, we continued southward along the western shore of Lago di Como, until we arrived at Tremezzo, to take a short boat ride to Bellagio.  The weather was definitely sunnier than it had been in the Engadin earlier that day.

As our boat pulled away, we could see the Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

Here's the dock where we had boarded the boat.

While looking up Tremezzo on Googlemaps, I became confused when the name Tremezzina turned up instead.  A look at Wiki explains the apparent discrepancy.
Tremezzina is a comune in the province of Como, in Lombardy, that formed on 25 May 2014[1] from a merger of the comunes of Lenno, Mezzegra, Ossuccio and Tremezzo. [emphasis and link in original]
So if you're interested in Tremezzo, Italy, be sure to also look up the name Tremezzina.

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