Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lago D'Orta, Part 2

After visiting Isola San Giulio, we got back on the boat (which coincidentally was again the Valentina, seen in Part 1) and rode over to Orta, a town on a peninsula projecting from the east side of its namesake lake.  As we pulled out of Isola San Giulio, I got a shot of the area just east of the dock, including much of the church.

The island and the town form a comune named Orta San Giulio.  Somewhere between the two parts, I got one last shot at the island, from its east side.

Next to the Orta's main square, the Piazza San Giulio, is the Palazzo della Comunit√† (Community Palace), which is supported by columns and no longer in use.  A tourist (not from my group) doesn't quite seem to know where to go.

As we wandered northward on Via Bossi, we came across this example of Italian recycling, in which an old boat is now a public bench.

We passed through the new town hall, behind which was this garden.

Beyond the orange fresco was another garden area, right next to the lake.

I liked the old building with the stone roof.

Going east from the main square leads uphill to the Santa Maria Assunta church.

After visiting Orta, we had one more boat ride (this time not on the Valentina) to Pella on the west shore of Lago D'Orta, where we met our bus for the ride back to Stresa.   On the other side of the street from the dock was the Chiesa San Filiberto.

Pretty soon, we were back in Stresa for some more free time, on our last full day in Italy.  There's more about Orta San Giulio at Eat Travel Bliss, The Guardian and The New York Times.

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