Saturday, April 8, 2017

Two Stories From Stockholm

Here are two follow-up stories about the truck terror attack in Stockholm.  The first comes via Jihad Watch, from the Daily Mail:
Police investigating the Stockholm truck attack have arrested six more suspects after three were bundled out of a car and police raided a property 12 miles from the scene where four died.
Officers smashed the window on the driver's side of the vehicle, thought to be linked to the atrocity, and took three people into custody at 5pm, local media reported.
Later, heavily armed policemen raided a flat in the suburb of Vårberg and surrounded three people in the courtyard.
A 39-year-old Uzbek man is suspected of organizing the attack, in which a beer truck was hijacked and then driven into a crowd.  Read the full story.

The other story comes via my blogosphere buddy Holger Awakens, who is as proud of his Scandinavian heritage as I am of my Slavic heritage.  From his source, The Telegraph:
A suspected terrorist targeted young children as he drove a hijacked lorry into a crowded shopping street in Stockholm, witnesses claimed last night.
Infants' buggies were sent "flying through the air", one Swedish broadcaster reported, as the vehicle zigzagged along the pedestrianised Queen Street shopping district and embedded itself in the window of a department store.
Naturally, my opinion of someone who deliberately targets infants is about as low as you can get.  Read the full story.

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