Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tuesday Afternoon

This post's title refers to the weekday and time of its creation, except when it refers to a song by the Moody Blues.  Here are a few things that I've recently run across:

That darned Attorney General is actually going to enforce our immigration laws.

Yes, he will do that.

Russia has a high-level stooge, and it ain't the current president.

Speaking of our current president, why does his administration have so many vacancies?

One victim of the Stockholm truck terror attack was trying to help failed asylum seekers.

Things are so bad in Sweden that "Swedish conditions" has become a by-word.

An Iranian website writer looks at Turkey.

An American website thinks that we should look at Turkey, too.

The man who was dragged off an overbooked United flight has an interesting past.

United Airlines is given some new mottos.

Here's an informative article about the San Bernardino school shooting.

Three bombs explode near a bus full of soccer players.

One congressional Democrat thinks we should learn from Iraq.  Somehow, I think we have learned from what happened in Iraq, after we removed a secular despot, but instead of regarding it as a mistake to avoid repeating, our politicians have wanted to do the same thing in other countries.

Refugees fleeing a war zone doesn't just happen in Syria.  We also need to look farther south.

And to finish, my alma mater has declared Labor Day a university-side holiday.  During my student days, we were not in class on Labor Day, but only because the school year started later in September back then.  The only holiday I ever remember having off, during a week in which classes were otherwise in session, was July 4th, and that was only because I was in class for that particular summer.

UPDATE:  Three more articles about the bombs exploding near a bus were posted into a BlogTalkRadio chatroom.  With the H/T to Red Fox Blogger, here's one.  With the H/T to Gulf Dogs, here's another and still one more.

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