Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Election News And Other Links For Tax Day

Today is the deadline for Americans to file our federal income tax forms.  This means that post offices and their parking lots are going to be crowded.  There is also a special election in the 6th Congressional District of Georgia.  With that in mind, here is what else is going on:

From FrontpageMag, a referendum in Turkey will result in their president receiving greatly increased powers.

From CBS News, British Prime Minister Theresa May calls a "snap" election.

From Observer, one writer asks about this British election, "What's the point?"

From America Rising, one candidate for Georgia-6, demonstrates a very important political skill - dodging a question.

From CNS News, more on the question-dodging candidate.

From NBC News, more about the Georgia-6 election.

From the Washington Examiner, why the Georgia-6 election "is not a referendum on Trump".

From CNN, on the other hand, "stakes are high" for Trump in Georgia-6.

From Breitbart London, the Easter weekend was good for invaders migrants from Africa.

From PopZette, a man finally gets his star.

From Politico, President Trump says that North Korea "outplayed" two of his predecessors.

From Twitchy, Trump's hat throw was not into the crowd at the Easter Egg Roll.

From National Review, "Trump is not a neocon."

From AhlulBayt News Agency, according to Iraq's vice president, ISIS are trying to form an alliance with al Qaeda.

From Tech Crunch, "Snapchat introduces World Lenses".

From WNEP, a wounded veteran from Pennsylvania carries a woman across the finish line at the Boston Marathon.

From Russia Today, a Saudi helicopter crashes in Yemen.

From ABC News, a commercial rocket ship is named after John Glenn.

From the Los Angeles Times, other than dragging people off planes, United is doing very well.

And from Yes (the network, not the band), Matt Holiday of the Yankees hits a 459-foot home run.  This is actually two feet short of the deepest part of the playing field of the original Yankee Stadium.

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