Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday Monday

Monday has rolled around again, so here is some of the bah-dah, ba-da-dah-duh:

From The Corner at National Review, "What does it mean to be a [Russian] patriot?"

From FrontpageMag, why legalizing illegal aliens would be "catastrophic".

From ABC News, the UN tells the EU not to send migrants back to Hungary.

From The American Spectator, big government keeps the poor poor.

From Campus Reform, Clemson University gives their faculty diversity training.

From The New York Times, Wells Fargo will "claw back" millions from two former executives.

From The Washington Post, Wells Fargo has known about "sham accounts" for quite a while.

From the New York Post, citing the Associated Press, the Trump administration will allow the sale of attack airplanes to Nigeria.

From The Daily Caller, in response to the church bombings in Egypt, Israel closes its border.  (They cite The Times, but you'll have to register there if you want to read the link.)

From the Washington Examiner, Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) criticizes President Trump on Syria.

From National Review, the strike on Syria does not oblige the United States to let in unvetted refugees.  (H/T Yankeemom for the Tweet).

From the Chicago Tribune, a Cook County judge is shot dead just outside his house.

From CNET, Google will reportedly invest in pixel-phones.

From TechCrunch, the Naval Research Laboratory will test some smaller than usual drones.

From CNN, NASA puts areas of the Earth up for adoption.

From LifeNews, Associate Justice Gorsich is sworn in.

From Kurdistan24, watch as new Peshmerga fighters receive their training.

From The Telegraph, the Stockholm attacker bragged about what he did.

From the Metro, Marvel pulls a comic having hidden messages against Jews and Christians.

From Vanguard, in Nigeria, Sharia leads to poverty.  (via Nigeria Today)

From the Daily Mail, in Australia, an Islamist preacher tells his fellow Muslims to avoid using public urinals.  (So where should they, uh, relieve themselves?)

From WBRC, U.S. airlines are doing better at keeping their schedules and your bags.

From Time, here's why you get zits.

And from Observer, get your waffles on a stick.

UPDATE:  After I made this post, I found two other things worthy of being passed along.

Back to the Daily Mail, in Chechnya, authorities have opened an alleged "concentration camp for homosexuals".  (via the Geller Report)

And from Page Six, Caitlyn no longer has Bruce's original equipment.

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