Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday Links

Again, Thursday is a good day for some links.  Of course, stuff happens every day of the week, but here are some things going on today:

U.S. jobless claims rise, but remain low.

For the E.U., carbon credits ain't working out.

Mr. Bill (in this case, not the former president) just got one huge severance package.

China puts their bombers on high alert.

America hasn't learned how to deal with the "known wolf".

How the ethanol mandate is destroying our prairie grasses.

The shooter reportedly wanted to shoot policemen.

A terror cell goes on trial in France.

Berkeley attacks free speech once again.

But they will allow Ann Coulter to speak, at an (as yet) undisclosed location.

The horrible consequences of corrupted forensic science.

Everyone's favorite Twelver will not be back in office.

In India, a man is killed for agreeing with a Tweet.  (via here)

In England, two businessmen go to jail for passing off turkey as lamb.

Vice President Pence praises the "moderate form of Islam" in the country once inhabited by his running mate's predecessor.

Speaking of Pence's running mate, President Trump has reportedly saved taxpayers $86B in regulatory costs.  (H/T Bloviating Zeppelin for the Tweet)

For-profit colleges are doing better under Trump (so far, maybe) than under Obama.

Women in and around Paris are afraid to use public transportation.  (H/T LSU Jeff for the Tweet)

Black teens are more likely to use smartphones than their white counterparts.

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