Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wednesday Links

Some more stuff going on:

As the week starts out, President Trump starts out by telling Steve Bannon "You're fired."  (In public office or not, Bannon is my fellow Hokie, who attended Virginia Tech before I did.)

The Trump administration has created a tip-line to report H-1B visa abuse.

In one writer's opinion, Trump should make a deal on infrastructure as soon as possible.

In another opinion, whatever Susan Rice as doing, she wasn't alone.

In still another opinion, anti-Trumpers have become lost in their own "political Area 51".

An F-16 fighter jet crashed this morning in Clinton, Maryland.  Fortunately, the plane came down in a wooded area.  No one was hurt, not even the pilot, who ejected.

A video looks at the pro-abortion movement in Ireland.

William, Kate and Harry honor the London terror victims.

ISIS terrorists stage attack in Saddam Hussein's home town.

The Left cites scripture where it suits them.  (I've believed this sort of thing for a long time, and not necessarily only about that particular side of the aisle.)

Ambassador Nikki Haley silences the UN.

Nivea gets rid of their "white is purity" ad.

Pepsi pulls their controversial add, too.

Looks like you don't even need to be white to be accused of being a "white supremacist".  (via here)

A man arrested for drunk driving was wearing an appropriate shirt.

Panera Bread gets a new owner.

And last but not least, Barry Manilow tells us what many of us pretty much already knew.

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