Friday, April 7, 2017

Missile Strikes, More Truck Terrorism, And Other Stories

Some reaction to yesterday's attack on a Syrian base, and other things in the news:

From Commentary, President Trump needs to explain his actions in Syria.

From ABC News, some battle damage assessment from a local eyewitness.

From National Review, the United States should "play a very long game".

From Al Arabiya, nine planes were destroyed.

From WJLA, citing the Associated Press, Russia intends to help Syria beef up their air defenses.

From Middle East Eye, some reaction from Syrians.

From Townhall, some reaction from world leaders.

From The Sun, British Prime Minister May calls the strikes an "appropriate response" to the Syrian government's chemical attack.  (This, of course, sets aside the question of whether the chemical attack was really the work of the Syrian government.)

From The American Conservative, Trump's attack on Syria was illegal.

From BBC News, Arabs give the president a new name.

From the Daily Star, a vehicle crashes into people in Stockholm, Sweden.

From the Independent, a fifth victim of the Westminster Bridge attack has died.

From the New York Post, President Trump accepts an invitation to visit China.

From Fox News, a report on yesterday's nasty weather around D.C.

From Ahlul Bayt News Agency, Syriac Catholics visit the shrine of Imam Ali.

From FrontpageMag, how old is "Islamophobia"?

From Gatestone Institute, sentenced to death for a joke.

From Canada Free Press, an open letter about Obamacare.  (H/T Luchadora for the Tweet)

From The Washington Post, two Marines are disciplined for online conduct.

And from the Daily News, a tribute to Don Rickles.

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