Sunday, April 2, 2017

Some Stuff For Sunday

A few things going on out there:

Will the West wake up, already?

Turkish migrants foresee a civil war.

Judge Gorsuch gets another supporter.

Gorsuch could be helped by the "two-speech" rule.

In Pakistan, a shrine custodian allegedly kills 20 people.

In the Palestinian Authority, almost 40 schools are named after terrorists.

In Colombia, 207 people have died in an avalanche.

In France, presidential candidate Marine Le Pen doesn't like the Euro.

In Yemen, youngsters play football (which we Yanks call "soccer").

The award for the worst economy since WWII goes to this president.

GOP: the DNC chairman is "unhinged".

The violence in Chicago keeps adding up.

Vin Diesel is turned into a ham sandwich.

One more by-product of Obamacare will be the "pizza gestapo".

President Trump and Senator Paul (R-KY) go golfing.

Senator Schumer (D-NY) wants Trump to veto a certain bill.

A family recovers a painting stolen 40 years ago.

And to finish, anyone want a cookie?

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