Saturday, April 15, 2017

Links For Jackie Robinson Day

Seventy years ago today, Jackie Robinson made his debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers, thus breaking major league baseball's color barrier (or maybe re-breaking it).  As this year's baseball season gets underway, here are some other things going on:

The most profitable MLB team is this one.

A federal judge tells Arkansas to hold off on their upcoming executions.

Turkey could give President Erdogan even more power.

Around the world, churches bolster their security.

At a Good Friday procession in Spain, an "Allahu akbar" broke out.

Where does the word "Easter" come from?

A Czech Easter tradition tries to keep going.  (The tradition and the author of the linked article share the same name.)

North Koreans are told 10 myths about the Kims.

Yes, there is a such thing as transparent coffee.

Some Californians are still feeling the effects of the recent drought.

A church in California has recovered most of their stolen musical equipment.

In a recount, the number of ISIS terrorists reportedly killed by the MOAB is revised upward.  Even so, "lefties remain unimpressed".

I'm sure that most lefties will not approve of this planned speech by President Trump.

Could the anti-Trump protests be "losing steam"?

You can help the family of a fallen Green Beret.  (H/T Gulf Dogs for the Tweet)

A look at the "quietist" movement.

An imam says no to last rites for the blasphemer.

A woman claims to have been sexually assaulted, while visiting Mecca.

In Australia, Christian values are "lamely defended".

And to finish, congratulations, it's a giraffe.

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