Saturday, April 1, 2017

Tim Burton Convicted Of Harassment Charge

It is my sad duty to pass on the news that Tim Burton of Liberty GB, whom I have listened to many times on BlogTalkRadio, was unsuccessful in defending himself against a harassment charge in a British Crown Court.  I was informed of this development by Kel Fritzi, another BTR host.  As reported by Fahrenheit211:
Tim Burton of Liberty GB was convicted yesterday at Southwark Crown Court of religiously harassing Fiyaz Mughal, the notorious Islamic grievance monger and founder of the questionably honest Tell Mama organisation. Mr Burton was found guilty by a jury of ten (two of their number having previously succumbed to illness) on one count of racial or religious harassment.
Mr. Burton is currently on bail, with sentencing expected late this month.  This is the second time that Mr. Mughal, mentioned in the above excerpt, has taken him to court.  Three years ago, Burton was acquitted of a similar charge.  Read the full story.

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