Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Links For 4 By 4

Today is April 4th, or in numerical shorthand, 4/4.  You could even call it "4 by 4".  So here are some items for 4/4:

From ABC News, get ready to roll your eyes.

From CNN, a new sieve could make desalination easier.

From The Washington Free Beacon, if you're looking for the wage gap, go see the fake Cherokee.

From CBN News, 60 civilians, including at least 12 children, are killed in a chemical weapons attack.

From Politico, these attacks could be a "new test" for President Trump.

From WBRC, the NCAA will once again consider allowing championships to be held in North Carolina.

From The Daily Signal, two cases which show that Judge Gorsich is worthy to sit on SCOTUS.

From National Review, this could be "the dumbest filibuster".

From Breitbart London, Hungary moves to restrict foreign-funded universities.

From USA Today, President Trump meets with Jordan's King Abdullah.

From FrontpageMag, ISIS threatens Russia.

From NPR Illinois, residents of Ferguson, Missouri worry about low voter turnout in the upcoming mayoral election.

From HeatStreet, Black Lies Matter calls a black-only meeting.

From CBS Sports, Cowboys QB Tony Romo reportedly finds a new career.

From KTLA, a 2-year-old girl, whether she realizes it or not, fights against racism.

And from ZeroHedge, Susan Rice unleashes the double negative.

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