Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Canadian Cops Unleash The Nickelback

The police in the small Canadian town of Kensington, Prince Edward Island have come up with a new way to make life even more unpleasant for anyone they arrest for drunk driving.  During your trip in the back seat of the police cruiser, if you are arrested on this specific charge, you will be subjected to music by Nickelback.  This might be called "cruel and unusual punishment", except for the fact that Canada, being separate from the United States, does not have the Eighth Amendment.  (It's possible that they have something analogous, but I'm not familiar with their constitution.)  On the other hand, any true fans of Nickelback who get to ride in a Kensington, PEI police car might find their experience temporarily enjoyable.  But in any event, if you've been enjoying Labatt Blue, Molson or Moosehead, take a good break or let someone else drive before you go running around the Maritime Provinces.

Read more at The Verge, CBC News, Quartz, Refinery29 and CNN.

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