Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wednesday Links

Today is All Souls Day for Catholics and the Day of the Dead in some cultures, but is also a day in the news.

From Bloomberg Markets, bookmakers overwhelmingly choose one presidential candidate.

From LifeNews, a Catholic bishop sets forth one criterion about whom you vote for.

From The Denver Post, if you vote for Hillary Clinton (D-NY), there's something you should read.

From the Observer, Clinton loses the support of a former rival.

From Breitbart's 2016: The Race, a little reminder from the past.

From the Tampa Bay Times, in Florida, early voting has turned out different from that in 2012.

From ABC News, joking about Boko Haram gets three Cameroonian men a long jail sentence.

From the Washington Examiner, U.S. drones keep finding al-Qaeda leaders.

From The Daily Caller, Iraqi jets spoil an ISIS pool party.

From TechCrunch, the future of ticketing is already taking place.

From NPR, the Fed is leaving interest rates alone - for now.

From CBS Chicago, as the Cubs and Indians get ready to play the deciding game in the World Series, a fan calls today his "longest day".  By winning tonight, one of the two teams will end a very long championship drought.

From PoliZette, the Obama administration claims to have the votes to ratify TPP.

From the Daily Mail, Attorney General Loretta Lynch faces a lawsuit over her meeting with Mr. Bill.

From the Associated Press, France orders four mosques closed.

From China(dot)org(dot)cn, it's not a pig, it's just a symbol.

From Vocativ, Turkey reads islamophobia into Pac-Man.

And from the New York Post, a friendship for the ages - both young and old.

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