Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday Links

Here are things going on, as the weekend starts to unfold:

The speculation can now begin.  What kind of administration will President Trump have?

The crybabies are still crying.

An open letter to said crybabies.

I'd call this a good piece of advice to said crybabies.

Our friends to the north can breathe a small sign of relief.
UPDATE:  So can some of our amigos across the Atlantic.

Should we cry this guy a river, or just get out the very small violin?

A college course on Hillary Clinton's life.

Was a hiker's encounter with Clinton staged?

Lego and the Daily Mail will part ways.

Some information on the migration into Europe.

Some of those migrants are drug dealers.

France pays tribute to the victims of the terror attack a year ago.

A space object's orbit might have been affected by Planet Nine.

And to finish with some historical humor, a special snowflake from the past is very upset that Trump won.

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