Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Donald Trump Wins Presidential Election

It took until the wee hours of this morning, but Donald Trump (R-NY) has been elected President of the United States, defeating former First Lady/Senator/Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D-NY).  Some media outlets are calling his victory an "upset".  At age 70, Trump becomes the oldest person to be elected president, which would also have been true had Clinton been elected.

I spent yesterday evening, and early today, reading the results on a Google search page, which now indicates that Trump has 276 electoral votes and Clinton has 218.  When I finally retired for the night, the election had not yet been decided.  This morning, I learned that Pennsylvania and Wisconsin had been called for Trump, thus putting him past the needed 270 electoral votes.  In the states not yet called, Trump leads in Michigan, Arizona and Alaska, while Clinton leads in Minnesota and New Hampshire.  She also has a small lead in the popular vote.

Besides the final vote totals, one other thing which remains to be determined is how Canada will deal with the Americans who had previously stated that they would move up there if Trump wins.  Perhaps they can be housed in some igloos in Nunavut.

Read more at Politico, The Washington Post, Yahoo News, NBC News and USA Today.

UPDATE:  The Google search page now says Trump 279, Clinton 228.  Alaska (3 EV) has been called for Trump, while Minnesota (10 EV) has been called for Clinton.

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