Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Obama's Last Turkey Pardon

Today, President Obama performed his eighth and final turkey pardon, which could be called a double feature.  The two turkeys, Tater and Tot, were raised and named in Iowa, and each weigh about 40 pounds.  Normally I don't take note of this annual event, but this year, the two birds will be sent to my alma mater, whose Hokiebird mascot has been described as a highly evolved turkey.  They will live out their days at Virginia Tech's "Gobbler's Nest".

The ceremony under which presidents pardon turkeys at Thanksgiving goes back, at least formally, to the first President Bush, but has some antecedents going back to President Lincoln, who spared his son's turkey from being eaten at Christmas.

Read more at NBC News, ABC News, CNN and WTOP.

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