Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Two Interesting Articles

Earlier today, I read two articles that I thought were worth passing on.  The first comes via HotAir from Politico, and asserts that the true creators of Trump were the left.  A brief quote:
The general attitude of the left was: Disagree with us? You’re probably racist, xenophobic, sexist, bigoted or all of the above. Indeed, for many liberal Americans, these prejudices have come to be seen as inseparable from identity of the Republican Party itself.  [emphasis in original]
Read the first article.

The other article was published by FrontpageMag, and was written by Michael Cutler, who worked for the INS in New York City.  His article reinforces an opinion that I've for a while, which is that lax enforcement of our immigration laws aids and abets more than just illegal aliens.  As Cutler explains:
Sanctuary cities are highly attractive to illegal aliens and the criminals, fugitives and likely terrorists among them who entered the United States by evading the inspections process conducted at ports of entry by the CBP (Customs and Border Protection) inspectors and are vulnerable to arrest and removal (deportation).
I could add that lax border security has a similar effect.  The first two paragraphs of this article make a point somewhat similar to what I've quoted from the other one:
The lunacy of the immigration executive orders and other actions of the Obama administration to block the enforcement of our immigration laws and immigration anarchy will be brought to a screeching halt on the day that Donald Trump replaces Mr. Obama in the Oval Office.
However the “Immigration All-Clear” will not be sounded across the United States in cities and states that have been declared “Sanctuaries” by the mayors and governors who have created a false and very dangerous narrative that equates immigration law enforcement with racism and bigotry.  [emphasis added]
Can you now see the common theme?  In both articles, we see how the left (who are the most common, but not the only, supporters of open borders and sanctuary cities) have read various type of bigotry into opinions that differ from their own.  If the left really want to promote the tolerance that they of often preach, they can start by refraining from conflating conservative views with bigotry, and  then disagree with us without accusing us of hate.

Read the second article.

Note:  Now that Donald Trump (R-NY) has been elected president, I need to create a "Trump" label, just as I created the "Obama" label not long after starting this blog.

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