Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump's Letter From Nixon

Several media outlets have recently reported about a letter Donald Trump received in 1987 from former President Richard Nixon.  The letter was posted by the National Archives Foundation and mentioned by author Michael D'Antonio in his new biography of the president-elect, entitled Never Enough.

In late December of 1987, former First Lady Pat Nixon was watching Phil Donahue's TV show, on which Trump was a guest, and apparently was rather impressed with the real estate developer.   Mrs. Nixon thought that Trump could be successful in politics, which sentiments Mr. Nixon conveyed to Trump in the letter.  The body of the letter reads:
I did not see the program, but Mrs. Nixon told me you were great on the Donahue show.
As you can imagine, she is an expert on politics and she predicts that whenever you decide to run for office you will be a winner!  [underline in original]
To be sure, the Nixons did not mention any specific public office, much less the presidency.  While this correspondence is not quite, in my opinion, as interesting as the in-person handshake between President John F. Kennedy and a boy from Arkansas named Bill Clinton, it's certainly worth taking note of the connection between the current president-elect and one of his predecessors.

Read more at The Vindicated (part of New York Mag), AOL News, The New York Times and WPVI-TV.

UPDATE:  Here's another blast from the past, of the comical variety.

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