Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Hokie Visits Duke

Yesterday, I was in Durham, North Carolina to watch a football game, in which my Virginia Tech Hokies narrowly beat the Duke Blue Devils.  I arrived at the Duke campus with plenty of time before kickoff, which allowed me to walk around and take some pictures.  This was my fourth trip to Duke, which meant that I had already seen much of their campus, but this time, the sunny weather gave me a great opportunity for some good shots.  My route from a gameday parking lot, as in previous visits, took me past their greenhouse complex, part of which is shown here.

Turning onto Science Drive, I encountered the statue of a biology professor named Knut Schmidt-Nielsen and a camel.

This dormitory, not far from Wallace Wade Stadium, includes a clock tower.

Another dormitory section includes parapets and a bell tower.  While positioning myself for this shot, someone told me that I was brave wandering around there "dressed like that", referring to my shirt with its Virginia Tech logo.  I told him that it was only the fourth time I have done such a thing.

This is Duke's chapel.  Years ago, when I asked a Duke alumna which European city they stole it from, she said, "All of them."

Not far from the chapel is a statue of James Buchanan Duke, who left a large endowment to Trinity College, which was later renamed after his father Washington Duke.

This parking lot, full of tailgating tents, is part of Krzyzewskiville, an area named after Duke's highly successful basketball coach.  My inner Pole tells me that there should be a dot over the second "z".

After this last pic, it was time to put away the camera and watch the game.

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