Monday, November 28, 2016

Man Attacks With Car And Knife On OSU Campus

This morning on the campus Ohio State University, a man ran into pedestrians with his car, and then got out and started stabbing people with a butcher knife, before being shot dead by a policeman.  Nine people were injured.  The attack was originally, but wrongly, reported as a shooting, but the only gunshots came from the cop.  The attacker was identified as Abdul Artan, an 18-year-old student of OSU, who was born in Somalia and who had also lived in Pakistan.

Read more at The Columbus Dispatch, NBC News, Cincinnati(dot)com, Reuters and AOL.

Some information on the suspect may be found at Inquistr (who say that Artan was 19) and Heavy.

UPDATE:  This is not the first attack on a college campus by a Muslim using a car as an assault weapon.  Another one happened ten years ago.

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