Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Links

As the first weekend of December comes around, here's some of what's going on out there:

From Zero Hedge, while the official unemployment rate has gone down, the number of people not in the work force has hit an all-time high, and on the first day of the recount in Wisconsin, Hillary Clinton (D-NY) gains one vote.

From The Big Story, Trump supporters strike back.

From RealClearPolitics, Donald Trump's campaign manager says that people in the Clinton camp haven't gotten to the acceptance stage.

From The Federalist, a report from a man who served under Trump's nominee for Secretary of Defense, retired General James Mattis.

From MSNBC, General Mattis has a "big legal obstacle" if he is to head the DOD.

From Yahoo News, the effort to name a street in Paris after Steve Jobs has hit some obstacles.

From the Daily Star, a gunman is at large in Paris after taking six hostages.

From FrontpageMag, why left-wing methods of fighting terrorism are unrealistic.

From National Review, beware the bear propaganda.

From WA Today, a Melbourne airport stops the construction of an Islamic school under a flight path leading to one of its runways.  (Since this source is Australian, I think that "WA" might stand for "Western Australia".)

From Watchdog(dot)org, Hampshire College has allowed its flag to return.  The Boston Globe has also covered this.

From Fox News, Israel gets their first whiskey distillery.

From the Belfast Telegraph, support grows for a moon village.

From the New York Post, a woman wants to be a mother, although she was born without a, well, just read the story.

From WQAD, be careful about downloading apps at a car lot.

From CNN, the CEO of the company building the Dakota Access Pipeline puts on a music festival in Cherokee, Texas.  (His last name might be ironic due to the name of that town.)

From Philly(dot)com, ends its probe of an alleged incident in which a student was knocked down by  men yelling "Trump!".

From The Detroit News, terror suspect Sebastian Gregorson gets hit with a new charge.

From The Times Of Israel, a stolen concentration camp gate is found in Norway.

From The New York Times, Gambia's president, in power for 22 years, loses his bid for re-election.

And from ESPN, Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown introduces his alter-ego.

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