Monday, December 26, 2016

Links For The Feast Of Saint Stephen

According to a certain Christmas carol, "Good King Wenceslaus looked out, on the Feast of Stephen", which is the day after Christmas.  Stephen was one of the Christian church's first deacons, and is regarded as the first Christian martyr, for being stoned to death after being accused of blasphemy.  See Acts of the Apostles, Chapters 6 and 7.

Here are some things going on out there, on this year's Feast of Stephen:

With just a week left, 2016 continues to be sad for musicians and their fans.

However, one noted singer has not left us.

One Trump campaign staffer might have turned down a job in his administration, for allegedly acting like Trump's rival's husband.

In California, get ready for the new traffic laws.

In Tennessee, four inmates escape on Christmas.

In Belgium, an NATO auditor general is shot dead.

In Indonesia, police fatally shoot two suspected terrorists in a floating house.

In Iraq, ISIS is just being ISIS.

In England, some people find treasure in riverside mud.

At the Chiefs-Broncos game, the best tackle was made by a non-player.

Sadly, this is one time I would agree with our lame duck president.

The aforementioned lame duck gets a request from another Illinois politician.

The Israeli ambassador to the United States claims that the Obama administration was behind the U.N. anti-settlement resolution.

Here's the latest thing considered sinful by Muslims.

Donald Trump, in one writer's opinion, is right to acknowledge a connection between terrorism and immigration from terror-spawning countries.

Trump prepares to defend his cabinet picks.

Scientists plan to send greetings to aliens.

And to finish, here's a boy who really got a truck for Christmas.

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