Sunday, December 18, 2016

In France, No-Go Zones For Women?

In France, the phenomenon of "no-go zones" appears to have taken a disturbing turn.  In Sevran, a suburb of Paris, women are allegedly effectively banned from entering certain bars and cafes.  From The Telegraph:
A quiet Paris bar where men play cards and bet on horses has become the unlikely focus of a national row over alleged no-go zones for women in predominantly Muslim areas.
The bar in the impoverished north-eastern suburb of Sevran is accused of being one of many in France where women are effectively banned.
The neighbourhood, near Charles de Gaulle airport, is notorious as one of France’s leading exporters of jihadists.  
Sevran might not be all that famous, but I'm somewhat acquainted with the place, because eight years ago, I rode a bicycle through it, along the Canal de l'Ourcq.  I remember stopping that morning, along with the tour guide, to get some coffee, but I don't remember precisely where the coffee shop was.  But whether you've been to Sevran or not, read the full story.

Si vous lisez français, lisez plus à L'Express et Agora Vox.

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