Sunday, December 18, 2016

Trump Piñata Gets Lynched

In Portland, Oregon, a holiday party included a salute, so to speak, to our next president.  From Willamette Week:
A Portland woman quit her job after attending a company holiday party where she says employees lynched a Trump piñata.
Sarah Mykkanen's quit over a holiday party for Roscoe's, Stein Haus, and Miyamoto Sushi, three Montavilla spots with overlapping ownership.
In an essay she sent to WW, she explains that the party was a "usual holiday party" where it was "kind of awkward to see everyone outside of work," until employees began lynching and striking an effigy of Donald Trump.  [italics in original]
Striking a piñata, to break it open and allow goodies to fall out, is an old Latin American custom (which originated in China, was imported into Europe, and later was brought to the Americas by the Spanish).  Lynching one, however, as far as I know, is not.  On the other hand, lynching an American president in effigy is nothing new.  Just ask George W. Bush and Barrack Obama.  But as for the Trump piñata, read the full story.

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