Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Thomas Sowell Writes His Last Columns

Conservative writer and economist Thomas Sowell has announced his retirement from writing columns.  Long admired by the right side of the blogosphere and by conservatives in general, he has decided to call it a career, writing farewell columns in Creators Syndicate and National Review.

Dr. Sowell's "Random Thought on the Passing Scene" columns were the inspiration for my own sincere attempt to flatter him, my "Random Musings" posts.  Here's some reaction to his retirement:

American Enterprise Institute has 18 quotes from Dr. Sowell.

Michelle Malkin just wants to express her gratitude.

And last but really first, The Daily Caller recalls Sowell's first column, in which he took on the belief, common in the 1970's, that a new ice age was on the way.

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