Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Shrine In San Luis, Colorado

After yesterday's travels to the east and south, I decided today to go north - into Colorado.  I went west on US-64 and then north on NM-522, which became Colorado highway 159.  As I approached San Luis, the first town I came upon in Colorado, I noticed what looked like a Spanish-style church on a hill west of the town center.  After I parked and got out to investigate, it turned out to be a shrine to the Stations Of The Cross.  I decided to make a brief visit, which would include a climb up the hill.

Just after starting my walk, I looked up the hill to see a round structure on top, and some of the white stone letters that say, "SAN LUIS OLDEST TOWN IN COLO."

Going up the hill, I passed by this cross before coming to any of the Stations.  The walkway was part cement, as seen here, part dirt, and part black gravel.

In the First Station, Jesus (to the right) is condemned to death.  On top of the hill are the Twelfth Station, where Jesus dies on the cross, and La Capilla de Todos Los Santos (The Chapel of All Saints), the church I had seen from the road.

Further upward is the Fourth Station, where Jesus meets his mother.  The Twelfth Station and the chapel are again in the background, but closer.

In front of the chapel is the Eleventh Station, where Jesus is nailed to the cross.

A black gravel walkway and some stairs lead to the chapel.

Behind the chapel and even further up the hill is the Memorial to the Spanish Martyrs.  After taking this shot, I decided to descend back to my car.

As the hillside lettering above says, San Luis claims to be the oldest town in Colorado.  For more about San Luis, go to SLVUFO, History Colorado and Sangres(dot)com.

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