Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Seven Tubs

Seven Tubs Nature Area, a.k.a. Seven Tubs Recreation Area, is publicly accessible area owned by the Pennsylvania state government, which may be reached via a side road connecting to Pennsylvania highway 115 a few miles south of Wilkes Barre.  I wanted to check the place out before returning to Maryland.  I parked in a small lot along the side road, which was closed further down, and found an unmarked trail leading to a creek.  Some exploration led me to what used to be a road along the same creek.  I never found any marked trails, so I don't believe I ever saw the natural features for which the place is named.  Although I took this hike in the morning, when it was not too hot out, I still got very sweaty from the humidity, and soon decided to head homeward.

There was one pool along the creek I found.  I suppose you could call it a tub, or maybe just a basin.

Here's a not-very-well-focused shot down the creek.

Here's the old road.  The creek is to the left.

If I ever return, maybe the road won't be closed, and I'll get to see if there are any trailheads beyond where I parked.

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