Friday, July 22, 2016

Terrorists Strike Mall In Munich, Germany

In Munich, eight people have been killed in an apparent terror attack at the Olympia shopping mall and a nearby McDonalds.  Three suspected gunmen are at large.  Authorities have locked down various transit lines, such as commuter trains and trams.  No group has yet claimed responsibility.

Read more at The TelegraphBBC News, Reuters, Deutsche Welle and Russia Today.

UPDATE:  According to BBC, DW and RT, a ninth person has been found dead.  Authorities are trying to determine if this person was one of the perpetrators.

UPDATE 2:  There is now reported to have been only one gunman, an 18-year-old Iranian who had been living in Munich for two years.  Ten people have been killed, including the gunman, who reportedly shot himself.  Read more at the Daily Mail.

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