Monday, July 11, 2016

The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

In northern New Mexico, the Rio Grande doesn't seem to live up to its name, but it still carved out an impressive gorge, over which humans built an impressive bridge.  Going eastward on US-64 brings you to a rest area just before the bridge.  The rest area includes an overlook from which most of the bridge may be seen.

Here's the gorge, looking southeastward from the west end of the bridge.

I walked further out and took this shot of the gorge, looking generally south.

I got the impression that this bridge brings out some people's inner jerk (to use a mild term).  As I walked back to the rest area, one driver going over the bridge decided to honk at all the pedestrians he passed.  When I got back onto the road so I could go over the bridge, someone ahead of me insisted on crossing the bridge at only 20 miles per hour, well below the speed limit.  Sadly, the bridge has been the location of a large number of suicides.  It has also appeared in several films.  There's more about the bridge at Taos(dot)org and Highest Bridges.

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