Monday, July 18, 2016

A Little Bit Of Taos

Since I stayed in Taos for a week, I would be remiss not to take some pictures of the place, especially since my accommodations were just a short walk from the town's center.  If I had otherwise had to drive to downtown Taos, here's one place where I would not have been allowed to park, because I am not a bear.

Taos Plaza, an open area surrounded mainly by shops, includes this veterans memorial and a statue of Padre Antonio Jose Martinez.

Off to one side of Taos Plaza is this sculpture.

I also walked through Kit Carson Park, which I would call a two-stage park.  Here's one stage, which appears to be suitable for rock concerts.

The other stage appears for suitable for plays, or as the artwork suggests, folk music and dances.

One of the local stores had this mural painted on one side.

Besides serving as commander of Fort Garland in Colorado, Kit Carson also lived in Taos, which is why the park is named after him.  About two years ago, there was an effort to rename the park, because like just about every other paleface, his conduct toward American Indians was not exactly saintly, but as far as I could tell, the park still bears his name.

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