Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth Of July

Two hundred and forty years ago today, a group of representatives of the people of thirteen British colonies in North America officially told Great Britain, her king, and the world that they would no longer be British.  To that end, they proclaimed the Declaration of Independence, written mainly by a sometimes debt-ridden farmer from Virginia.

Today, some people see parallels with the recent Brexit, in which the very same Great Britain (a.k.a. United Kingdom) voted to leave the European Union.  For example, in a video carried by Frontpage Mag, Bill Whittle points out the lessons learned from the Brexit vote, and in National Review, Rich Lowry shows how the "Amexit" (as he calls it) and the Brexit "are connected by a belief in self-government", while also pointing out the differences between the two events.

Today, may all who read this have a safe and happy Independence Day, and if you have the chance, read the original document.

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