Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The GOP Convention And Other Stories

The Republican National Convention started last night, with appearances by a number of featured speakers.  Here are some related stories, and other things in the news:

Former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani defends Donald Trump's character.

Sheriff David Clarke's speech included a swipe at Trump's presumptive opponent.

After giving his speech, Antonio Sabato calls President Obama "absolutely" a Muslim.

A politician who shares his name with a species of amphibian claims to have suggested Mike Pence as Trump's running mate.

Victor David Hanson sets forth "ten reasons why Trump could win".

Some people found parts of Melania Trump's speech vaguely familiar.

On the other hand, one person defends Mrs. Trump.

Another prominent Republican says that he might fire her speechwriter.

A Republican ad-maker criticizes the "cult of the stupid".

Indonesia's most wanted terrorist is killed in a gunfight.

In France, a man named Mohamed attacks a woman and her daughters for being "dressed too lightly".

In Pakistan, a Christian girl is forced into an Islamic marriage, and her father is killed.

Also in Pakistan, a man dies after his arms, nose and lips are chopped off.

In Gaza, 30,000 children attend military camps run by Hamas.

In Pennsylvania, a man uses a rock to smash a police car's window.

A member of the European Parliament wants to ban the EU's member countries from opting out of its rules.

In Europe, Google throws its money around.

The IDF will "re-examine" its relationship with an "anti-gay" rabbi.

Archaeologists say that African rock art is dying.

In the Rogue One poster, the Death Star is not impossibly large.

Weird Al will play at the Hollywood Bowl.

And last but not least, 24 sports photos.

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