Monday, July 11, 2016

Jack Dempsey Park

After leaving Fort Garland, I went back to San Luis and then turned westward to Manassa, the birthplace of heavyweight boxing champion Jack Dempsey.  Colorado highway 142, running east to west, forms the town's main thoroughfare.  Jack Dempsey Park is on the south side of CO-142, where it intersects 4th Street.  This large sign stands in front of the fence which forms the park's southern edge.

This modern log cabin houses the Jack Dempsey Museum, which was closed.  The sign to the right says, "BIRTHPLACE OF JACK DEMPSEY".

The park includes this statue of Dempsey, and a bell.  The "BIRTHPLACE" sign is again in the background.

This wishing well has been filled with soil and is thus used as a flower bed.

On a hill to the south is the town's initial.  I walked a few blocks down 4th Street to get this shot.

More on the Jack Dempsey Museum may be found at Colorado Come To Life, Southern Colorado Guide, Roadside America and Museums of the San Luis Valley.

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