Saturday, July 16, 2016

Technical Difficulties

This past Tuesday, I arrived at Bandelier National Monument and got ready to take some pictures.  Unfortunately, my camera decided not to cooperate.  After I turned it on, the zoom lens would not deploy, and the viewing screen gave me the message "System Error (Zoom)".  As I had done when previously experiencing problems with the camera, I removed and then reinserted the battery and the memory card, but to no avail.

I walked around and took a few pics with my cell phone, of the primitive flip-phone type, but I realized that any photo from the phone would not be as good as one from my camera.  I decided to leave the park and find a store that sold cameras, then return to Bandelier the next day.  That afternoon, I bought a new camera back in Taos.

Back at the resort where I was staying, I prepared my new camera for use, starting with charging its battery.  I still had one problem.  Unlike my old camera, the new one did not come with a USB adapter to connect it with a computer.  Also, the old camera's adapter could not connect to the new camera.  This would mean that while I could take pictures, I could not transfer them to the computer.  Back here at home, however, I have another USB adapter that can connect to the new camera, thus allowing me to put the rest of my pictures into my computer and onto the Internet.  The remainder of my travelogue, with accompanying photos, will soon be posted.  Stay tuned.

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