Monday, July 18, 2016

Odds And Ends From The Road

To bring my latest travelogue to a close, here are some things I saw on the road in New Mexico, between places I stopped to visit.

A rest area on Interstate 25 included this stone marker for the Santa Fe Trail.

Just above a door in the building behind the marker, some birds had built their nest.

Just off New Mexico highway 68, near its junction with NM-75, is this stone hill with a shrine in front and two crosses on top.  NM-68 runs between Taos and EspaƱola.  I had to drive its entire length, about 44 miles, to arrive at Taos from Albuquerque, and to go between Taos and Bandelier.

Also along NM-68 was this marker, indicating that a U.S. Geological Survey station was nearby.  The hills behind it are on the far side of the Rio Grande.

Here's the station itself, which had the purpose of gauging the Rio Grande, which you can see a bit of below.

Finally, after passing this thing several times while driving on NM-68, I had to take a picture of what used to be a tractor, mounted on three metal poles, next to the whimsical intersection of This and That.  It's located between the above-mentioned junction of NM-68 and NM-75, and the town of Rinconada.

I took the last picture on my way back to the Albuquerque airport, after checking out of my accommodations in Taos.  Thus ends my travelogue of New Mexico and Colorado, but I know that sooner or later, I'll be back on the road again.

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