Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Swiss Complete World's Longest Tunnel

After 17 years of construction and $12 billion in costs, the Swiss have completed the Gotthard Base Tunnel, which brings its own set of superlatives.  From WUIS:
The Gotthard Base Tunnel — a record-setting 35.4 miles long, and farther below ground than any other tunnel — was inaugurated Wednesday. The occasion was marked with a celebration that promoted "Swiss values such as innovation, precision and reliability," as the tunnel's website puts it.
Like the "chunnel", which runs between France and Britain under the English Channel, this new tunnel will accommodate trains.  One other thing to note, also from WUIS:
The $12 billion project was completed on time, The Associated Press notes.
You have to tip your hat to those Swiss workers.  Read the full story from WUIS.  Also reporting on this story are CNN, the Independent and The Telegraph.

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