Sunday, June 5, 2016

Some Stuff

It seems I wanted a different title for a links post, so I came up with one based on the alternate name of the site from which the first link comes.  So with that, here's some stuff:

From The Dominion Post, New Zealand experiences Armageddon.

From Swissinfo, the Swiss reject paying people for existing.

From Real Clear Politics, Donald Trump (R-NY) thinks President Obama is hurting our military's ability to fight ISIS.

From Pat Dollard, the Philippine president-elect tells his citizens to get tough on drug dealers.  This is also being reported by The Big Story.

From ABC News (where "A" stands for "Australian"), a Christian grocer in Bangla Desh is hacked to death.  Also reported by BDNews.

From The Express Tribune, an Ahmadi doctor is gunned down in Attock, Pakistan.

From The Times Of Israel, the Israeli attorney general opens an investigation into allegations that Prime Minister Netanyahu accepted an illegal donation.

From Rudaw, Turkey adopts a "preventative strike" policy against the PKK.

From CNN, Novak Djokovic wins the French Open.

From US Daily Review, the National Spelling Bee ends in a two-way tie.

From WGN, Pope Francis canonizes two new saints, including a woman who hid Jews during World War II.

From The Telegraph, how the European Union has changed.

From TechCrunch, Finland has a hot startup scene and Bose has wireless headphones.

From Natural News, if you have a cough, drink some pineapple juice.

From Fox News, the rain is letting up, but there's still a danger of flooding in Texas.

From ABC News (where "A" stands for "American"), meanwhile in Paris, the floodwaters start to recede.

And from CBS Chicago, the Chicago Park District has won a gardening competition in Ireland.

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