Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Links For Flag Day

Today is Flag Day, and the anniversary of the creation of the United States Army.  Here are some things going on, including yet more information about the Orlando attack and its perpetrator:

From Sons Of Liberty Media, 17 facts about the Orlando shooter.

From The Washington Free Beacon, analysts regard the Orlando shooting as a failure of President Obama's "politically correct" counter-terrorism policies.

In TownHall, David Limbaugh lambastes Obama's speech responding to the shooting.

From Politico, Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) hasn't yet heard from Obama.

From TMZ, although the shooter's ex-wife can't quite say it, "signs pointed" to the shooter being gay.

From the Express, his wife thought that he was "scouting Downtown Disney", and he was a "regular" at the Pulse.  (Not his ex, as in the above link, but his current wife.)

From NBC News, his wife tried to talk him out of it, but was with him when he purchased the ammunition.  (via the New York Daily News)

From Bearing Arms, contrary to popular misconception, the attacker did not use an AR-15.

From The Federalist, Chick-Fil-A's response to the Orlando attack.

From Ya Libnan, the Iranian army clashes with "opposition forces" in two parts of that country.

From Press TV, Turkey will not cooperate with Kurdish groups in Syria.

From Fraud Of The Day, a Maryland woman filed fraudulent tax returns on behalf of soldiers who were clients of her investment firm.  (via Watchdog(dot)org)

From The Washington Times, one charge is dropped against anti-abortion investigator David Daleiden.

From Canada Free Press, Hillary Clinton (D-NY) is "Saudi Arabia's president of choice", as a prince claims that the kingdom has funded 20% of her campaign.  RedState questions this allegation.

From the New York Post, Donald Trump (R-NY) turns 70 today, thus qualifying twice under the presidential age requirement.

From The Washington Post, Russian hackers penetrated the DNC.

From Medical Xpress, Penn State prepares their medical students for the "third science".

And from BT, eight weird things taken into space by British astronaut Tim Peake.

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