Sunday, June 26, 2016

Petition To Redo Brexit Vote Gathers Fraudulent Signatures

The Brexit vote occurred three days ago, but the losing side already wants a new referendum.  An online petition to Parliament has already produced 3,000,000 signatures, but about 77,000 have been removed as being fraudulent.  Many signatures have come from outside the United Kingdom, including 39,000 from Vatican City, even though that country has only about 800 citizens.

As an American, I recognize the right to petition my government for redress of grievances, but petitioning someone else's government is another matter entirely.

Read more at The Telegraph, The Guardian and the Mirror.


  1. Hope you don't mind, but I referenced this in my latest entry. Have a read of my stuff, and I'll do the same for you in return. Have a good day!

  2. No problem. I like to pass on information, so when someone else does the same with what I've put up, that's OK, too.