Friday, June 24, 2016

United Kingdom Votes To Leave European Union

As noted in yesterday's post, updated very early this morning, the people of the United Kingdom have voted to leave the European Union.  In other words, they decided to make the Brexit a reality.  As a result, here come the stories:

First and foremost, from BBC News, the referendum results.  I admit to refreshing this page quite often yesterday evening.  The page includes a map by which local results can be searched.  Of the three areas where I've stayed in Great Britain, two (Eastbourne and Cornwall) voted to Leave, while the other (Stirling, Scotland) voted to Remain.

From Politico, how leaving the EU will work.

From National Review, the vote was "just the beginning" of the process.

From CNN, the whole process "will take at least 2 years".

From The Week, why the Brexit should scare Americans opposed to Donald Trump (R-NY), who just happens to be visiting Scotland right now.

From The Telegraph, the British have "defied their jailers", and the Brexit is "more impressive" than the French Revolution.

From the Express, Muslims in Calais, France throw a fit - and rocks.

From the New York Post, in response to the Brexit, American stock markets plunge.

From Roll Call, the Brexit deals a blow to President Obama, who had tried to warn the U.K. against leaving the E.U.

From the Belfast Telegraph, a huge compilation of news items.

And last but not least, from The Guardian, a video "political obituary" for Prime Minister David Cameron, who announced his resignation.

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