Thursday, June 30, 2016

Various And Sundry

A few assorted things in the news:

The state department asks for a 27-month delay for releasing Hillary's emails.

Was the Attorney General wrong to meet with Hillary's hubby?

Obama signs FOIA reform.

We still don't know where Obama was on 9/11/12.

It was a drill, it was only a drill.

Although not a member of any team, the man formerly known as "Johnny Football" gets suspended.

New laws take effect tomorrow in my neck of the woods.

Transgenders will be allowed to serve in the military.

Swedish police combat sexual assault by giving out bracelets.  This link comes via this site.  You can also click here.

The PA and Fatah honor a terrorist who killed a teenage girl while she was sleeping.

Netanyahu gives a statement on the murder of the teenage girl.

The victim was an American citizen.

The three suicide bombers who carried out the attack at the Istanbul airport came from three parts of the former Soviet Union.

Some history of terrorist attacks in Turkey.

Only one Doolittle raider survives.

Turkey influences Islam in Austria.

The U.S. State Department releases its human trafficking report.

A Belgian court rules that Facebook may track non-users who visit its pages.

A new use for an old wi-fi router.

A singer's wife admits, "we are weird".

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