Monday, June 13, 2016

More On Orlando

Some more information about, and reaction to, the Orlando night club shooting has come out:

In FrontpageMag, Robert Spencer calls the shooting a "Ramadan massacre".

In National Review, Andrew McCarthy explains that the motivation to kill gays doesn't originate with ISIS.

In Conservative Review, Michelle Malkin gives her opinion on America's immigration and anti-terror policies.

From Counter Jihad, the shooter worked for a "major DHS contractor".

From the Daily Mail, the shooter's father makes a statement on video.

From Law Newz, how the shooter was able to buy guns, even while under FBI scrutiny.

From Florida Today, a former co-worker says that the man "frequently made homophobic and racial comments".

From the New York Post, the "final moments" of the Orlando massacre.

From CBS Chicago, the dead victims have all been removed from the night club.

From The Roanoke Times, sadly, my alma mater can relate:
For the Virginia Tech campus, it was a difficult, painful label to carry: the site of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.
But it was also a label the community never wanted to have to pass on to another.
And from the city of Orlando's website (H/T Sue from New Mexico), the names of the victims.

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