Thursday, June 9, 2016

Some More Stuff

Some more stuff in the news:

First and foremost, four people were killed yesterday in a terror attack in Tel Aviv, Israel.

One of the terrorists was "yelling about Allah".

Will there be a referendum on Iraqi Kurdistan?

A Nigerian man almost loses an eye for not observing Ramadan.

ISIS executes a "wizard".

During the trial of a Bosnian general, a witness claims to have been forced to kiss a severed head.

Four out of five migrants in Germany are undocumented.

Israel observes Shavuot.

Yes, we really like reading negative stories about Hillary Clinton.

The cause of Muhammad Ali's death might be a surprise.

A former House Speaker says "give Bernie some space."

President Obama makes his endorsement.

An Iowa state senator leaves the GOP over Donald Trump's criticism of a federal judge.

The campus sexual assault problem has a cultural source.

Why the Stanford rape case is unusual.

Prince Charles faces criticism for his role in the sale of British fighters to Saudi Arabia.

This gal is not a circus act, but a real live bearded lady.

Here's what you can make out of Lego blocks.  Geronimo!

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