Monday, June 20, 2016

Links For The Solstice

I interrupt my tour of waterfalls in Ithaca, New York to bring you some tidbits in the news:

A Taliban suicide bombing kills 14 Nepalese security guards.

Iranian authorities claim to have stopped a terrorist plot.

U.S. authorities will release a partial transcript of the Orlando shooter's 911 calls.

What the transcript won't include.  UPDATE:  The full transcript is released.

How Democrats disarm us by suppressing the truth.

Anti-Trump Republicans make their pitch.

Speaking of Donald Trump (R-NY), he and his campaign manager go their separate ways.

Over 1000 people meet via conference call to discuss unbinding GOP (and thus Trump) delegates.

An archivist in Harlem discovers letters written by Barack Obama the Elder.  (via here)

A solar-powered airplane leaves New York and heads for Spain.

In Pakistan, a cop beats a Christian pastor for "exuberant worship".

In Saudi Arabia, Ramadan iftar dinners bring "massive food waste".

Turkish President Erdogan sues people for insulting him.

Erdogan "condemns" the attack at a Radiohead concert in Turkey.

A Christian pastor gets a nasty phone message after putting a Ramadan greeting on his church's sign.

A warning about Muslim immigrants who favor Sharia - from the daughter of Muslim immigrants.

In Syria, ISIS crucifies "Ramadan violators" daily.

ISIS calls for attacks on American military bases.

Talk about Justice Clarence Thomas retiring is "bogus", as pointed out by his wife.

Hundreds of Japanese people suffer from "earthquake sickness".

And to finish, in his back yard, a teenager finds, not badger, not a mushroom, but it's a snake, a snake!

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